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Warm weather may bring hot fishing.

By June 15, 2006April 14th, 2018No Comments

The Brown Drake has all but petered out on the Creek, the Wood continues to run-off and the South Fork and Lost River tailwaters are running really high. So where is the good news? The Creek is starting to show strong hatches and spinner falls on the right day, Magic Reservoir is fishing better for fly anglers than it has in 6 or 7 years and the area rivers should begin to clear soon, opening up a plethora of new and unique fishing opportunities!

Silver Creek

“Graduate School” is beginning to show its colors as P.M.D., Baetis and a few Callibaetis hatches and spinner falls have led to some fantastic fishing for those in the right place at the right time. The weather is dictating the timing of the hatches and the most effective method to find great dry fly fishing is to hang out all day and explore from Picabo to the Conservancy. The lower waters are showing increasing Caddis activity and the upper stretches are where the bulk of the Mayflies can be found. Fish the Caddis on the lower Creek early and late, and fish the Mayfly activity throughout the late morning and afternoon. If the fish aren’t working on hatches try searching the water with Beetles, Ants, Green Drake and Damsel dry flies.

Big Wood River

Despite the continued high water and the mud, the Wood is creeping ever closer to its median flow for this time of year. A few spikes on the hottest days are bringing it up, but the ongoing trend is a falling river. Another 10 to 14 days and we should have a fishery. An angler can get prepared by filling fly boxes with big Stimulators, Chernobyl Ants and Stoneflies and some nice bead head droppers to fish under them. The Green Drake Epoxy Back with a bead or a big beaded Prince Nymph are great choices.

Little Wood River

The Little Wood is also creeping closer to its median flow as well. When the Big Wood clears the Little Wood should follow suit and be a fantastic fishery. Expect to see prominent Golden Stone activity when this happens.

Lost River

It will be sometime before we get any real fishing below the Mackay Dam.

Upper Lost and Copper Basin

Wait for the Big Wood to come into shape before you think about these waters. Even then, they could be two weeks out form being wadable.

South Fork of the Boise

The river is running 3500 CFS which is a boatable flow for experienced drift boat anglers. Take your Salmon Flies and cross your fingers that you time this hatch. Expect changes in the river and be heads-up if you float here. Things will have definitely changed with the high water the past few weeks. Check the flows before you go as they have been changing often and could get pumped right back up if the reservoir gets topped off.

Enjoy the fishing we have. Continue to make the Wood River Valley the friendliest place to fish in the West, and get ready for one incredible summer of fishing!