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Water Levels Continue to Get Lower…

By August 28, 2011April 14th, 2018No Comments

The Big Wood is starting to fish better. The water level continues to get lower and access has become easier. The bigger fish are starting to come up for small dries including Baetis, Pink Alberts and a surprisingly good caddis hatch for this late in the summer. Hoppers are around in certain areas and you can get some very big fish with these patterns. The days are still very hot so my favorite times to fish are mornings and late afternoon into the evening. As the water gets lower your fly selection will have to get smaller. Parachutes in sizes 16-20 will produce and I like to have them in different colors. I like Zebra Midges under dries this time of year and will get some very big fish using subsurface techniques.

Silver Creek has been hit and miss. We are still having some big spinner falls of Tricos in the AM along with good numbers of Baetis. Fly selection is very important this late in the hatch and you need very small sparsely tied patterns to fool the fish. Callibaetis are now showing up in the afternoons and can provide some very good fishing. If the wind comes up throw hoppers and beetles and up the size of your tippets. Some of my favorite Callibaetis patterns are Harrop’s Hen Wing Spinner in sizes 16-18 and Cripples if the wind is up.

Warm Springs and the Upper Big Wood still continue to provide excellent small water fishing. Fly selection is not as important and general attractor patterns such as Stimulators, Hoppers, and Parachutes will work on top and a simple selection of nymphs will work below. Remember these sections are open to catch and keep but if the fish is wild please release the wild fish and target the hatchery fish if you want to keep some.

Copper Basin and the Big Lost is a great choice to get out of the valley and experience a truly beautiful place. The fish are spread out and some areas will not produce and other spots will have fish all over. It pays to move when you’re fishing these waters. Good dry fly patterns include Parachute Adams and Purple Hazes along with Hoppers and other high riding dry flies.

Copper Basin