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What’s It All About?

By January 12, 2012 April 14th, 2018 One Comment

There are a variety of different reasons different people go fishing. You can deduct a lot about a person in a short discussion about fishing. Why do you fish? Is it to escape from your daily grind? To enjoy the company of friends or to get away from everyone? Do you find fulfillment connecting with the river and the land, or simply addicted to the thrill of fly rod throbbing hard under the heavy pull of a big fish? There is a continuous learning curve in fishing, so there is no end to the research and study element for those who seek maximum knowledge. Of course there can be great aspects of the stalk and hunt that many find appealing. Floating is fun in itself, and multi day trips down remote rivers provide great experience in general terms. Fishing is a perfect excuse to take photos and video, and lets be honest we all hope to find ourselves posing for a hefty grip & grin shot. There is an endless amount of gear purpose designed for fishing, and for the gear geek nothing beats playing with new toys. What’s it all about for you? Why do you fish?


Ian Majszak and Bryan Gregson give us a great look at what it about for them. They are not alone.

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  • Bob Schwend says:

    Why do I fish? I think there is a reason not many of us want to talk about but we all know it’s there. We’re just a little bit closer to our Creator. Whether we find that closeness in the waters, on the land or in the sky it’s there. Sure……most will come up with comraderie, competition, etc. But when you ask yourself this question and really think about it…………we know it’s much more than that.
    I’m very grateful everytime I wet a line that the opportunity is there. And I say a short private thank you. When I leave…..see ya next time.

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