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Fishing Forecast

Early April Fishing Forecast

By April 3, 2012April 14th, 2018No Comments

The Big Lost River will be fishing great until the water is raised below the dam. This could happen at anytime but the farmers do not need the water right now and I expect as the reservoir fills to capacity they will have to raise the level and when they do it will be ‘un-fishable’. Last year I thought they would raise it in April but they didn’t until mid May. You can go to the link on our page for Idaho River levels or call the shop (208-726-5282). The Baetis/ BWO’s are the fly to have and you will see a variety of sizes from a very large size 18 all the way down to a size 22. I like Midges too. Nymphing is always good on the Big Lost and some of my favorite patterns are Zebra’s in black and red and sizes 16-20. A Rainbow Warrior is also an effective fly and have some Pheasant Tails in your box.

Steelhead fishing will start to pick up in the Stanley area. Right now there are lots of fish down river between Clayton and Challis but as we move through April the upper river will be the spot to fish. Please respect the steelhead on the reds and stay away from these fish and concentrate on the deeper slots and runs. The fish have come a long way up the river and to be harassed on the spawning beds doesn’t seem to be a fair method to catch these beautiful fish. You can find many fish in the deeper slots and runs this time of year and the catching can be just as good. I like Prince Nymphs, Stoneflies and eggs under these flies with an indicator on top. You can also swing flies like Leeches and traditional flies like Green Butt Skunks and Purple Perils.

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