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Fishing Forecast 1/24 – 2/07

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“The stream keeps me from getting lost, and anytime I feel like being a fisherman again,
the trout are there, sages themselves, the wise roshi that caught me
by the way and taught me to love wildness.”
~Christopher Camuto

For those who have been hibernating, it is time to let February awaken the angler within. A wet weather pattern will continue to bring a series of storms to the Wood River Valley and there is nothing finer than snow falling and trout rising. So dust off your rod, replace your old leader, and patch your leaky waders; the best late winter, early spring fishing begins now.

The Conservancy portion of the Creek remains closed until opening day the end of May of 2018; however, from the Highway 20 bridge down through the Willows and the Point of Rocks the fishing will remain open until the end of February. Your best action will come on nymphs and streamers during the warmest part of the day. For nymphs, try a beaded or non-beaded pheasant tail, a Zebra Midge, or a WD40 in size 20 or 22.

Silver Creek Flies: Wooley Buggers | Zebra Midge in black, red, or olive 16,18 | Pheasant Tails 16,18 | WD40

The Winter Midge continue to gain momentum, and should get stronger as we head into February. This time of year, the trout begin to feed voraciously as they fatten up for the spring spawn. Look for classic winter holding water during the afternoon hours and you are sure to find fish feeding on all stages of Winter Midge. Your fly selection can be very simple this time of year. For dries, have a selection of trailing shuck midge, Griffiths Gnats, and high vis parachute midge patterns in size 18- 24. For nymphs, try Rubber Leg Stones, King Prince Nymphs, Zebra Midge, Bishop’s Dynamite, Egan’s Frenchy, the Red Dart, or the Iron Lotus. If no surface activity can be found, be prepared to fish dry dropper, Euro style, or with an indicator.

The flows are holding steady at 200 CFS and should remain at this level into March. During the warmest part of the day, good numbers of midge are hatching along with some BWO. For flies, bring a good assortment of Zebra Midge, Brassies, and other attractor nymphs like Rainbow Warriors or Bishop’s Dynamite in size 16 to 22 and fish dry dropper style through the shallows and slow buckets. Euro nymphing the deeper runs can also be effective. Remember, Trail Creek Pass in closed for the season, so anglers heading to the Lost will need to go through Carey and over to Arco to get to Mackay.

The South Fork continues to hold steady at 306 CFS. The road in and out can be tricky this time of year. The canyon rim has received a rain snow mix all week.  Be prepared for slick conditions, and always go with a 4×4 and a set of chains. As for the fishing, the window is short down in the canyon, but you can expect your typical winter fare of midge and a smattering of BWO. As the days get longer in February and March this fishery really gets good.

Big Wood/Big Lost/South Fork Flies: Midge Adults 20 and 22 | Rubber Legged Golden Stones | Prince Nymphs | King Prince | Beaded Flashback Pheasant Tails 18 and 16 | Bishop’s Dynamite 18 and 16 | Rainbow Warrior | Iron Lotus 18 and 16 | Zebra Midge in black, red, or olive 16,18

Big Lost

South Fork of the Boise

The Big Wood

Silver Creek

204 cfs

302 cfs

150 cfs

146 cfs

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