Certified Master Fly Casting Instructor

Fun & Successful

“I always try to find a happy medium between teaching a guest and putting them into fish. The two really go hand-in-hand. My job is to make a trip successful but also fun.”

May your waders never leak,

and may you always have a tight line.

Like the Sun Valley Resort, and the entire local Grabher clan, Ewald Grabher’s origins are in Austria. Relatives and fly-fishing brought him to Idaho. It was a trip on the Middle Fork some 30 years ago when he was a boy that precipitated Ewald’s love affair with the state and his decision to someday live here. His first fishing memory is not of a silvery Rainbow trout, however, but rather of a 20-pound Pike. This eye-popping fish spurred the ten-year-old’s interest. “I wanted to know how to catch one myself.” He began fly-fishing at 11 and so began a lifelong obsession.

Guiding Style

Flexible. That’s all.

Fun Facts about Ewald

  • His favorite fly is the Blue Winged Olive. “I grew up with it. The fish lie on the bottom and come all the way up to the fly. It’s a great take.”
  • After a day on the river, he loves to trade pictures and flies, as well as fish tales.
  • Ewald plays the harmonica and the guitar.
  • He spends his free time in the mountains skiing, hiking and mountain biking, and also loves to travel, cook and scuba dive.
What folks say about fishing with Ewald

Ewald was absolutely wonderful. I envisioned 4 hours of practicing back casting. Not so. He opened a world of various castings and maneuvers. He reviewed previous Orvis class & Silver Creek info about insects-peering under rocks and imagining the flow of food on the Big Wood and casting where the food is. There was activity where I never imagined-many fingerlings but two good fish. Best of all was his attitude of have fun and relax and dispense with the stress and intensity. I had a great half day and will do it again!!!!

Carol Scheifele-Holmes

I have recommended Ewald to another fisherman already.