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Silver Creek Update 7/3/12

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Things are starting to heat up, including the temperatures down on the Creek.  Just one persons opinion on the fishing the past week.

Early Morning Fishing – Whatever that fluttering white moth looking thing is, there is a billion of them.  Prairie Caddis/Land Moth/White Sedge, there are a ton on the lower stretches, and get a stiff wind and the fish will eat them.  Baetis seems to be getting stronger and the usual Midge activity is always there and has been for the past month.  Still trying to get consistent hatches of bugs in the A.M. and even today reports from a couple of people of TRICOS!  Stay tuned.

Afternoon Fishing – Callibaetis is starting to be stronger in the ponds and slower moving areas with the PMDs’ a minor player, but still a few to be seen.  Starting to see signs of the weed pads sticking out of the water and the Damsel flies will not be far behind.  First day of the year I actually started to hear the HOPPERS whistling on the banks.

Hope your season has been good so far and see you down there tomorrow.



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