Fly Fishing Forecast 6/28 – 7/5

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“Fishing consists of a series of misadventures interspersed by occasional moments of glory.” – Howard Marshall What constitutes a “moment of glory” while angling? If an angler pursues his or her quarry with the monomania of Ahab, then the moment of glory only comes occasionally, if at all. But if we focus on the misadventures and the lessons learned from…

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Why We Fish

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“Wherever we go in the world we find other men speaking the same language, planning the same plans, dreaming the same dreams. And one of the big four―brownie or brookie, cutthroat or rainbow―is the cause of it all.” -Roderick Haig-Brown For some, the best way to fly fish is alone. There are times when I wish to be alone on…

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