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Fly Fishing Forecast June 10th – June 17th

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“The best fisherman in the world can’t catch them if they aren’t there.”~Anthony Accerrano Fly Fishing Forecast June 10th to June 17th. The fish are there; the bugs are there too. The missing ingredient? You! Our freestone rivers are still high and off color, but Silver Creek is fishing very well. The Brown Drakes have run their course and now…

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Painted Fish

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Tucked away in downtown Boise is an unassuming corridor where a rotation of work from the greatest fishing artist in the country hangs. It’s called the Fulton Street Showroom and folks who stroll down this hall have a chance to enjoy “Trout Art” at it’s absolute finest. Ed Anderson, a prominent Boise artist himself curates this revolving collection. His bold, gestural…

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