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Fishing Forecast December 25th – January 8th

By Fishing Forecast, Fishing Report

For some, the concept of winter fly fishing seems oxymoronic. For the rest of us, winter fly fishing is synonymous with solitude. The river in winter is a transcendent place, a place where anglers can experience the Emersonian “transparent eyeball,” observing the quietude of nature. However, nothing will end a winter fly fishing excursion faster than being ill prepared for…

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The Way We Were

By The Hatch, Uncategorized

Laying on my back in our lush green lawn I remember pointing my toes strait down, rocking my nose upward, and straining to stretch my head-to-toe distance far as I could compared to the salmon my dad laid next to me. I was longer, but not by much. My younger sister did the same and the two of us giggled…

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